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Our Commitments


    When we fight for you, we commit to fight according to the highest possible ethical standards. In law, the team that aspires to excellence in their commitment to the rules of law gains the respect of the Court, their opponents, and their profession.


    We are not a general practice. We emphasize specific areas of expertise. We do it for a reason – it grants our clients specific and accurate information that maximizes their opportunities for a positive outcome.


    Every client has a different approach to their issues. Some want to be highly involved in the process. Others want to hear very little other than where they need to be, and when. We tailor our approach to fit your needs.


    Legal matters cost money. We are sensitive to that fact, and to the fact that clients have a responsibility to their business, their families, and themselves to secure the finest legal representation at the best available rate. We try hard to make our services affordable without ever compromising quality.

Our Promise


    When you talk to the Attorneys at Karavas & Kranz, P.C., you can rest assured that we will give you our best appraisal of your case. Some people don’t like to hear that – they just want to know that they can win. We believe that our approach, however, is in the best interests of our clients. Knowledge is power – and the more power you have, the more likely you are to gain the most favorable result from your case.


    Some Attorneys are like certain baseball players – they seem to care about their stats more than anything else. We don’t run from the hard cases – in fact, we relish the challenge. Deep and pertinent knowledge like ours is only gained through hard-fought, hard-earned victories. The reason the Attorneys at Karavas & Kranz, P.C. come to work in the morning is to make a difference.


    Finally, we are confident in our abilities. We are a firm that cares about winning, and winning the right way – through professionalism, building strong personal relationships, respecting both our profession and you.

We provide excellence in representation.

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