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  • Ownership of oil, gas or mineral interests can be rewarding, but can also be complicated, especially if the interests are owned by an individual person…and that person dies. There are options available to make the transition of who receives the benefit of the interests relatively smooth and uneventful. Before you can transfer ownership of your oil, gas or mineral interest, you must determine what type of interest you own. Do you own the actual real property – the land – that contains the oil, gas or mineral deposits? Or is your interest limited to a right to the oil, gas […]

  • There are many reasons to include a trust in your estate plan. While you may think of trusts being used by wealthy individuals, there is no wealth requirement to establish a trust rather it is about choice and control. A trust is a legal document created to accomplish certain family, tax, or other financial objectives. Think of a trust as a private agreement between the person who creates the trust (called “grantor” or “settlor” – same meaning) and the person the grantor designates to manage the trust assets (called the “trustee”) for the benefit of the trust’s “beneficiaries.” There are […]

  • The topic of succession planning can be overwhelming.  Where do you start? What steps do you take? Rest assured that the process is not as daunting as it may seem. In reality, you can approach succession planning with one single hand.  Even with your phone or tablet in one hand, you have a hand left to assist you with planning. Reach out, pull in information and ideas, and stretch to consider expectations: Have you talked generally about succession planning with your family, friends, others involved in the same type of business, and lenders? Have you assembled your professional team to help you – an […]

  • If you give anything of value, whether cash, equipment, or land, to someone as a gift, you may wonder if you or the recipient will have any tax consequences.  If it is truly a “gift” and not payment for something, then generally there will not be an income tax consequence.  While you should consult your CPA or attorney, in general, the only tax that may be at issue is federal gift tax.  Many gifts are not subject to the gift tax.  Following are a few gift tax tips: 1. General rule. The general rule is that any gift is a […]