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Agriculture Law

Agriculture is at the center of the business activity in the plains of Colorado and Nebraska. Many areas of the law impact the success of farmers and ranchers involved in production agriculture. Individuals who have an ownership interest in a family farm or ranch should consider those areas and seek legal advice when it comes to family succession plans, estate plans, business planning, and general ownership issues, and to ensure business and personal interests reconcile.

We help our ag clients comply with the various laws and regulations relevant to production agriculture and develop a plan for growth and succession for current and future generations.

We have experience in practice areas that are relevant for ag producers. These areas include real estate, water, mineral rights, zoning and other regulations, business and entity planning, estate planning, and government programs. We build lasting relationships with our ag clients so that we understand and appreciate the business and legal issues confronting our clients, and develop appropriate plans to address these issues and to meet their personal goals and wishes.