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About Karavas & Kranz, P.C.

  • Exceptional Experience

    We are a firm that prides itself on deep and specific knowledge. Our Attorneys are experienced in the practice of law; not just the theory, but the research, the litigation, and securing the favorable result our clients seek. Experience matters in the law. We have it, and we’re ready to put it to use for you.

  • Serving Colorado & Nebraska

    Our main office is in Boulder, we have facilities available in Denver, and we operate across the Front Range, throughout Colorado, and across Nebraska. Our clients range from downtown Denver professional firms to rural ranch operations.

  • Quality Above Quantity

    Some Attorneys develop a reputation for being a ‘settlement farm’ – for taking on more than they can handle, and urging their clients to settle for less than they could be entitled to at trial. We have the polar opposite philosophy: we believe that each and every case needs to be handled on its merits. Our firm will never short-change you, our client.


In 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, one of our Attorneys was recognized by Super Lawyers, an independent system for rating and recognizing outstanding Attorneys. Since only 5% of lawyers are selected each year by Super Lawyers, this remarkable achievement demonstrates our commitment to true excellence in our field.